What is Trade-Addict & Trade-Masti?

Trade-Addict: These are traders who don’t feel good if they don’t take at least 1 trade everyday. They usually take multiple forced trades without their trading setup (entry set-up). Without taking a trade they feel very uncomfortable. When they take a trade they feel high & energetic and they want this feeling (kick) till 3.30 pm (equity mkt close). And these traders face huge loss due to over trading, high position size, Stop-loss alteration/cancel, trade entry without a set-up and not following their trading rules.

Trade-Masti: These are traders who love the feel/thrill of skydiving, bungee jumping & scuba diving via intraday/positional FNO trading. Subconsciously or unknowingly they seek the adventure & entertainment when in an active trade. They also face huge loss for breaking their trading rules. With passing time some traders from this category converted into Trade-Addict.

Professional trading should be boring. If you are getting an adrenaline rush/huge excitement during your trade/trading hour then something is wrong with your trading and on an average (monthly) you are losing money for sure.

Take the post POSITIVELY and THINK about it. There is a definite/easy solution to it.


Well Said Bro

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Well said bro.

Though when in trade you’re bound to have a adrenaline rush but one should never do things opposite to his strategy, sometimes not taking a trade is trading itself.

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very well quoted bro!

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