What is your medium term trading strategy?

There has been a lot of discussion on day trading strategies here. But I am a student and can’t look at markets throughout the day. So I like trading strategies where I can plan the trade outside of market hours whenever I am free to look at the days data. But I haven’t found much discussion on trading strategies where holding time is longer than a day but shorter than a year. I mentally am unable to handle holding periods of longer than a few months as I am worried about market crashing.

So here are the trading strategies I have been using:

Strategy 1.

Entry: Buy stocks in nifty 500 which hit all time highs

Stoploss : 10% below entry price or when stock closes below 30 day low

Exit criteria: stock closes below 30 day low

Capital per position: 10% of my account size

Strategy 2.

Entry: buy top 5 stocks in nifty500 which have highest price increase in last 1 month

Stoploss : 10% from entry price

Exit criteria: once stock is out of monthly top 10 highest gainers list

Capital per position: 10% of my account size

What are your strategies? Any good books which have systematic strategies on trading outside market hours ?

Just my personal view/opinion, what makes you buy a stock just because it hits 52 week high or just because it went up in the previous month ?
I mean the logical reason behind it ?

Also for reference you can read Varsity.

(The above is just my personal opinion)

It is just one of the routine momentum strategies. Mentioned elsewhere a lot. That is why I am asking if I need to do something better or any other better swing trade strategy is there?