What is your opinion on tech analyst Mr Ashwani Gujral?


Appreciate the thoughts.

But the whole point is - if I know the tricks of the trade that can make me crores, why will I increase my competition by sharing it with others for a proportionately miniscule fee? As my tricks will be known to a larger group, my profitable opportunities will vanish as more and more people will look to encash on them, taking away my sole advantage. (Penny wise, Pound foolish!)

All across the globe, a lot of teachers are minting big money by conducting such sessions at high costs. Their target group is the new and uneducated entrants who are looking for quick ways to make money and end up paying high costs to these trainers. The problem - no one takes guarantee of profits!

One is free to take a decision at his/her own discretion.


I think a lot of people fall for the fallacy that there is some magic formula or setup that somebody can teach that will suddenly turn one’s luck around. The most profitable traders I know have an average success rate of 50-60%. Heck, even the legendary trader Peter Brandt has a very humbling success rate (from his recent tweet below).

Setups and strategies are only a part of the equation; you need solid risk management, trade management, mental strength and above all experienced eyes to spot opportunities- some of that can be taught and some of that just comes from experience.

My short point is this: whether or not Mr. Gujral is a great trader, if you decide to attend his workshop, don’t go there to suddenly turn into a great trader overnight. Focus on how you can cut your learning curve short (which can be several years), what are signals he pays attention to and what noise he tries to ignore, how he manages his risk, how he enters into a trade, how he trails, when he adds to a position and when he doesn’t, how he exits etc. etc- these are the things that would probably fetch you the value for 50k-60k that you worked so hard to make.

Again, my 2 cents…



I googled “Ashwani Gujral” and Google showing Results are buy this sell that.
That’s all.


Not trying to undermine the established traders like Guajral, but check his tweets page: https://twitter.com/GujralAshwani

There are so many tweets appearing on his account page from people who have mentioned of making lakhs of money immediately after attending the workshop. They are crediting this lakhs of daily profits to Gujaral’s training sessions. Overnight, their trading fortunes have turned.

Many of these tweets are appearing on Gujaral’s page as he has retweeted them.

My personal opinion - “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

It is extremely difficult to verify these high-profit claims through tweets by individuals who claim to have attended those sessions. We know how the Tweets and Like factory works.

Again to repeat - One is free to take a decision at his/her own discretion about attending such high cost sessions.


What were you expecting?


One can’t make money from share market without losing first,
webinar/seminar fees also just like trading loss.

A necessary trading loss to realize the fact and truth.

Posting ledger with bigger numbers meant to attract the novice.
Without that ledger, seminar seats won’t fill.


Very good analysis @Spaceship


At the top of the Ledger, Zerodha logo is present. Is the AG’s firm trading on Zerodha platform? If yes, is AG registered as expert in Open trade?


How can @Neha_Raghuraman know this?
She is not related to Zerodha!


Guys all that glitters is not gold
Please check the below video where one guy analysed the trades of AG, basically he targets 10 to 15 points in banknifty which is simple for experienced trader and half of his profits go into taxes, so his main source of income is selling his course


Hi All,

My 2 cents on this. This was a very good analysis by Ishan. When AG posts his P&L statement, he doesn’t mention his Profits after Charges and taxes. I believe that charges and taxes eat about 33% to 50% of his profits on average. This still leaves him with a Net Profit of 1.25 cr profit for FY 2017-18, which is very substantial. His trading time frame is usually from a few minutes to 2 hours. So by the time he provides his opinion, the market might have already moved.

The primary purpose behind running the training seminars are to reach out to informed people. He’ll probably pitch his PMS Services there, that’s where the real money is. Don’t just count the Revenues i.e. 50K + GST, he also has to incur a lot of costs associated with it, the rent for the Hall, the food expenses, support staff etc. I had attended PS Sundar’s workshop and I know they don’t earn anything on this.

The point of attending such seminars is to get some gold nuggets (read knowledge) from these traders which will help you in your trading. Trading is one of the toughest professions and takes years to master. Do not expect to be an overnight expert after attending his sessions. You have to put in a ton of your own effort before you can get something out of the seminars. Most of us want that one magic formula to make money without putting any effort. As far as the cost of the seminar goes, I have lost money many times over in the market trying to learn, so this still is a cheap considering the real cost of not attending such seminars. BTW I will be attending his seminar if he comes to Mumbai.

I leave you guys with the “Man in the Arena” speech by Theodore Roosevelt. I specially love the last line “…so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”


I had attended his session so his model is to track crossover of 20/50/200 moving averages & pivots. He does not put any manual stop loss & keeps positions whole day till he gains or loses over 100 banknifty future points…in his live webinar he kept losing big money though he made profits in some…but nothing special. I can’t comment on his snapshots but if you have a good money management you should be fine…


Hi Spaceship and All; (who are in this review of A Gujral)

Partially, you are right; instead of speaking in air, you can reach out to me for full proof. I have done my biggest mistaken in my life by taking his Bank Nifty Index trading life time service and first month itself he has destroyed a big amount of capital, in his last 4-5 trading session; he has lost 2000 Bank Nifty points; for this service he charges so hefty amount you won’t believe an 5.90 Lakhs include GST. Before taking this services I have been sent past performance sheets of previous trades which shows 75% success rate; Alas! after taking his service I got to realize his success rate is not even 20%; one of worst trader in this planet is Mr. Gujral; I am telling this from my real experience. All twitter and FB post of success trades which are very rare; and when he made lost those are much bigger than successful trades; alas! we are living in a country where regulatory is very week; otherwise they could have taken action against him for cheating the customer by showing wrong profit sheets. If anyone wants more details ping me. I will share more details, in this public domain I can’t disclose all the truth. All other review and comments are sceptical but mine are very genuine ; whatever I had said I have full proof.

Rgds/ Govindo S


sad to know about your experience Govind…i had taken his training too but was a complete waste & in fact i stopped trading & continuing my research on investing which i’ve done well over the years.


I dont think he will make if he trade on his own suggestions.

His calls are very easy to predict esp his bank nifty calls , if BN is down , he will say sell and if it is up he will say go long.
He gets caught really bad on volatile and reversal days.

I really dont know why cnbc is still sticking with him.


And this morning he had given a long call on bank nifty… … just wonderful


I think, Majority of the Market Analysts following technical indicators were of the same opinion for today. All indicators are at oversold levels and everyone is been expecting a pullback to the upside anytime.

Sorry for the traders, who might have copied the trades and lost out.

You win some, You loose some.


Lol what kind of analysts are those I wonder

THey need to go do homework and come again to market

Even in 2008 I think those kind of people may be checking RSI indicators and oversold indicators :rofl:

Thats what happen when a trader has zero clue of whats happening in market and just depends on technical indicators


U r right @Newbie420
I think sentiment is d biggest indicator…
Sentiment (bullish or bearish) translates to near term perception and is reflected in price which is mother or god. Now the sentiment is so bad that belief of none of the support indicators would stay and makes market sell on rise… Till last bull dies :grinning:


Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:
You are right :+1: