What is your opinion on tech analyst Mr Ashwani Gujral?


I watched mpc report in CNBC today. After RBI announced no rate hike someone was telling that the market may cheer this in short term but in the long term, this decision will trigger huge sell off. AG said, all the possiblities are already priced in and market may move up. Maybe he does not understand the seriousness of mpc for our current economic situation.


Funny thing is lot of people may be thinking ohh my technical guru Ashwani Gujral also got it wrong so its fine

They dont realize why he gave a buy call

And if he really got it wrong after being 20 years in market (which i feel is impossible), he should start from nursery class then :smiley:


I still remember in 2007 Ashwini gujral used to appear on cnbc . Back then he was not bald . I subscribed for his services which didn’t faired well. Since then I don’t trust any tv analyst.


Bro DD Sharma suggested Gitanjali Gems as an investment on 31st January 2018, there is Youtube video on same

What more proof does one want

See the date - 31 Jan 2018, see Gitanjali move thereafter


2 possible reasons:

  1. Not being sure of his own strategy can make consistent money from stock market, he is opting for safe way to earn money by selling course.

  2. As long as selling courses isn’t regulated by gov, why not to make fool out of desperate amateurs?


well said!




All these are false statements. He doesn’t able to manage a single trade. I have the sheet in this month sept2018 to till date oct 2018 (9’th October) he has lost more than 3000 Bank nifty points then imagine how much lost he did.
His strategy if buy don’t work then sell and if sell doesn’t work then buy again repeat same thing and finally sit idea after loosing 570 BNF points, I have all proof since I have taken his BNF services ( mistakenly, biggest mistake in my life)


Yeah man! that guy is totally fraud; he can’t manage a small trades. who can lose 670 BNF points in a single day; in last one month he has lost 3000 BNF points. His strategy is if buy doesn’t work then sell and sell not work then buy and buy don’t work then sell, and sit ideally He has destroyed so much money for his clients that God will never forgive him.


His not god lol, use ur own brain and lose ,blame urself is better


“we are short” - ashwani @9.25


After @ 3.30 PM !!! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Great information regarding the tech analyst Gujral!


probably he might have given long call at post lunch session :stuck_out_tongue:

he might not have booked loss only if his intraday SL is more than 200 in BN :lollipop:


Market is dynamic, a good trader needs to change his trade/view as the market view changes, " Its only a Stubborn Time Pass trader " :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue: never changes his view , does nothing and Blame others :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


i hear that he has now vanished from twitter after lot of criticisms & huge losses.


Someone mentioned he keeps losing points …so was he able to keep calm …must be hard …that gujral guy must be experience trader if he still profitable in the long run


traders who do trade with their virtual money wont lose anything , like a certain guy here with 5k margin :wink:

someone who keep replying to himself shows that he dont want to see his/her reply :smile:


Who said he is profitable at all?


Well , one of my trade , I am not a "Time pass trader " like you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue: