What is your Short term and Long term investment strategy?

Traders use lots of trading strategies like some use RSI , MACD , some use OI data, chart patterns, some just use price action.

I’m entering a new phase of life , got a job 2 years back and most likely get married in an year or two and I feel it’s time to focus now on building investments and focus more on investments both short and long term.

what factors do you consider before investing and when do u decide to exit your long term holdings. I assume for ST trading its mostly SL based exit.

It would be very helpful if you can share a snippet on your investment strategy both long and short term.

I don’t have a template yet, but I can say that, for long term investing, it is important to understand the business, the more the understanding, the more the chance of making good returns, provided we choose companies based on both quantitative and qualitative parameters.

As far as selling is concerned, this is a tricky question, no absolute answer can be provided, it could depend on fundamental reasons like profits, management commentary, future outlook of the business, or it could depend on chart, or both.