What is your view on Dilip Buildcon (DBL)?


What’s your view on this stock? Is it better to buy at current price? Rs. 875



If I were you and had sufficient funds to Buy Dilip Buildicon shares.
I’ll keep buying it without any second thought in my Mind.
One Year Return 321.70℅ What else Any Investor will need.
I see more Potential growth in Dilip Buildicon for long term Investment.

If You want short term gains You can buy Now, but Buy in batches. Don’t Buy the whole quantity in One go. Buy some at Available levels, If goes down Buy some more and Hold till upcoming Quarterly Results.
Company is expected to give good upcoming Quarterly Results.


Yeah! I already hold some quantity. Will be buying on dips now :slight_smile:


That’s Good :+1:
I don’t Think it will go below 800 Levels.


Yes! I think it won’t go below 850


Dilip Buildicon is giving exceptional Returns. :grin:


Yes! :slight_smile:


What is happening with DBL, now at 650…why, is it another Vakrangee/PC Jeweller story?


It might actually be, one must beware

These new IPOs all seem frauds, check another one - Bigbloc - its movement on Friday

Stock trading should be suspended for that kind of movement


Never heard of this company Bigbloc, just saw that it is a construction company :grinning:


There’s something going on with pledged shares. Once the issue gets sorted out, I think DBL should recover. Until then, stay away from DBL. I already sold all holdings at 1100.