What kind of chart software to use for maximum efficiency

On any given trading day, I have keep about seven charting windows open and similar other seven windows for historical /fundamental/news about seven stocks.

And as far as possible, I try to use the keyboard for maximum efficiency.
Zerodha Pi charting software is not very useful.

I use investing.com where I have bookmarked technical charts for 30 stocks. The problem is that when I load a particular stock, I have to first maximise the chart and then actually the chart for that particular stock and with my technical indicators that I had saved .

This becomes really problematic during the trading session. I was wondering if there is any other software that I can use
(including any paid versions). Trading view seems to be better because I don’t have to maximise the window and also one can look at how other traders are using the charts. But I still have two always load the settings for every stock every time I have to look at the chart for that stock.

Are there any other charting software that can be customised and saved and reloaded quickly

Thank you for any inputs