what kind of return target stock market trader should keep..?

What Kind Of Return Target Market Trader Should Keep…?


as much as he can get.

return is not based upon our targets, rather based on your buying levels, for targets to grow more , buy well below the intrinsic value of the stock, intrinsic value can be calculated using Ben Graham method. buying stock at right time or say right buying levels and holding till the next resistance can help the targets to grow. i expect short term trading targets between 15 to 18 %.

This kind of question is usually posted by newbies. Experienced traders already know very well where are limits for their profitability. So, try to set for yourself low targets and do your best to reach them. After that, try to slowly increase your targets

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Like some other people already replied - as much as you can only get really. Do you see my point here ? Overall achievable amount is not really that much and that is not it. For example you really can buy something like I am not sure but that same 15-18% which honestly can be achieved by buying some valuable papers in Ukraine for example.

It’s easy to achieve -100% in no time