What made mannapuram shares to jump to 118 today

today mannapuram stock jumped like never before, what caused the movement.

Again same reply.
There may be any Good News, Which will soon come out or already out in Market.

I know about this Many Brokerage Houses have Coverage on this stock and Have given BUY call for target of 120-125 in short Time some days Back.

they are giving buy call after the jump…i was following this stock for some time now but my money is stuck in corporation bank

They gave BUY call before this Jump for target of 120-125.

can you provide some view on corp bank

I will not go into Deep Analysis.
Hold and see if it will Reach your BUY price in this pre-budget Rally.

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thank you

As the company is in talks with a few prospective buyer, perhaps something is brewing. Yet, an increase in the price is a welcome sign.

Mannapuram is also an operator driven speculative stock. There maybe some news cooking up ahead but its a speculative stock.

And highly volatile one and goes down to 89 and then jumps to 108 have seen this trend many times.