What News we need to majorly concentrate about company for Trading?

like Annuual Report

All type of news like following

  1. promoters holding / pledging / selling stake / investing more / court cases etc.
  2. Company Financials like Quarterly results / new order bookings / acquisitions / mergers / dividends declaration
  3. Frauds by employees / Raw Materials used by Company price up / down
  4. Govt,. Policies which affect company
  5. Competitors entering aggressively
  6. Technology obsoletion
  7. new Product Launches
  8. Related Sectors
  9. Monsoon Rains / Drought
  10. Elections

these are very few items.

Even news about competitors bad performance also affect this stock.

it depends upon which way you are going to trade long term, short term, intraday, amount of capital etc.

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If you are actively trading i.e either intraday or maybe holding the position for 2-3 days, then frankly you need not have to pay much attention to news. You only need to ensure -

  1. There are no corporate actions
  2. No quarterly results
  3. No other company sensitive news

For example, if I want to trade HCL today, then I know its quarterly results are not expected anytime soon nor are there any major news around the company. Hence my only concentration will be on the price action.

Fundamental news tends to have big impact on stock prices, so remember not to trade the stock when major fundamental news is around the corner. Of course, if you understand fundamentals and can assess the impact of the news on stock prices, then that is a different ball game altogether.

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