What’s the difference between basic and advanced triggers?

Using basic triggers you can create simple alerts based on attributes such as
(a) Last Traded Price of all scrips (including shares, commodities, F&O etc.)
(b) High Price of any scrip
© Low Price of any scrip
(d) Open Price of any scrip
(e) Previous Close Price of any scrip
(f) Last Traded Quantity of any scrip
(g) Average Trade Price of any scrip
(h) Volume Traded of a scrip
(i) Total Buy
(j) Total Sell
(k) Open Interest of particular contracts on the Exchange level
(l) Open Interest Day High of particular contracts on the Exchange level
(m) Open Interest Day Low of particular contracts on the Exchange level
(n) Day’s change
(m) Day’s change %

With advanced triggers you can combine multiple conditions to create alerts. For ex you can create a trigger if the Net volume traded for the day of Infosys is greater than that of TCS and also, the close price

VolumeTraded('NSE:INFY')> VolumeTraded('NSE:TCS') && ClosePrice('NSE:INFY')> ClosePrice('NSE:TCS').

In this case an alert will be triggered when both parts of the condition are satisfied because the && operator is binding the two separate conditions.

When using and (&&) operators, an alert will only be triggered if both the conditions are satisfied.
When using an OR operator, an alert will be triggered when either of the condition is satisfied.

Is it possible to create a volume based trigger , which tells ALL scrips in which today’s traded vol > avg traded vol of last 5 days ?

and , a separate trigger which would filter all stocks whose value traded today is more than 50 lacs per minute or something like that ?

basically i need huge vol stocks to trade in …

Currently not possible using sentinel.

are live scanners like chartlink useful ?

It’s up to you how you use them.

Is it possible to add alter conditions as below?

LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:INFY’) + LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:TCS’) >= 4800 then trigger alert

I’m trying to create an alert for banknifty but keep getting an error message. Can you tell me what is the mistake in the alert below:

Yes, also why don’t you try it once by yourself.

I am seeing double quotes at end of symbol, can you correct that and check.

Valid trigger but no need to use quotes. Here’s the trigger

how to access and write alert triggers using sentinel?

Check this post.

Can I back test my trigger?

Read the post please, Sentinel is platform just to create alerts. To backtest, check out https://www.streak.tech.

So for alerts go to Sentinel, to backtest go to streak, for scanner go to…?
Seriously, I think Zerodha can do much better than this! :arrow_heading_down:

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@Bhuvan …Why is it not allowing me to create alert.I know infy % increase today is 1.3 ,but shouldnt it allow me to create anyways?

It says condition is already met, so maybe you should change the parameters as the data for the day at that time is still under consideration.

Hi @Siva ,I am actually creating this trigger post market hours at 11 pm and it seems like when the condition is already met for trigger (in my case i tried creating trigger for % intraday change > 1% and infy % increase was 1.3 ) it is not allowing which i feel is a little absurd because I am creating a alert for future changes right?

I got it but the same has already triggered during the day and still that is valid till next day, let me check if we can do something on this with our team.

Great Thanks @siva. One way we could do this is to see the time of creating the alert.if it is post market hours it should allow for creation.