What to do for placing successful bid for OFS-SAIL-JAN 2020?

Kindly guide me whether to use floor price or cut off price or higher price for SAIL

i ve placed my bids at 66.10 and also at cut off price . let us see if get allotted .

Thank you Anil.
I have placed at 65.85 only.

I placed my OFS orders at about 11.30 but still showing PENDING and even amount is not debited /blocked ? @ShubhS9

Same query

ONLY RS 23.60 per application debited means NO ALLOTMENT even on my cut off applications.

Zerodha charges 20/- plus taxes for placing OFS orders. The Rs. 23.6/- debited is against the Zerodha OFS charges. Zerodha will not be funding your OFS Purchase. You need to keep sufficient balance to fund the purchase. However, if your account results in a debit for any reason, post allotment of OFS, interest at the rate of 0.05% will be charged on the debit balance.

Anyone knows when will be the allotment done for the OFS share and the trading start date?

Did you receive the allotment?

I am not even sure if the allotment is done. But there are no shares shown in my holdings.

@siva can you guide on how to check the SAIL OFS allotment. Also, how do I know if the money blocked for the OFS allotment was released or not ?

If the allotment for an OFS is not received, you will be able to see the funds in your trading account balance. If you receive an allotment, the funds will be deducted from your account and the shares will be visible in your holdings when credited.

Thanks @mohitmehra
Can you answer specific to SAIL whether the allotment is done?