What to do with the options contracts of the next month

Hello Friends,

What to do with the options contracts of the next month May ? The Call options are priced too high.
Should i go for buying call options or selling them ? What about the Put options ? Please suggest…
i m feeling very confused.


If I am so confused, I personally would not buy or sell anything, will stay away for sometime and in meanwhile will go through Varsity and explore sensibull and learn more on how to tackle in situations like these. Sometimes it is better to stay away from trading.

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Lol it is not mandatory to trade, especially in election month, when options are overpriced.

Trade only if you feel good risk reward opportunities are there.

Also, why you want to sell options in election time :worried:

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So you are saying that i should be buying instead of selling options during election time ? Please clarify bro.

Basic of option is that selling options has unlimited risk. So unless you have good experience in selling options, why would you try it first time during elections - This is my question?

Try an option strategy with limited loss and unlimited profit outcome.

Thanks bro @Newbie420

I think …covered calls or covered puts are best solution like these situations.

If you don’t know what to do then Enjoy yourself outside the mkt. Otherwise mkt will enjoy with your money for sure. Better you enjoy instead of letting the mkt to enjoy :beers: