What to do with the PNB stocks?

I have few PNB stocks bought at 105.xx and now it has crashed to 85.xx, what is the expert advice on PNB ? Will it recover or will crash further ? Shall we exit or hold it ?

What to do with the PNB stocks?


That I am going from the last 2 months, not working, any other solution like mannat, visit Tirupati…??


why did you buy PNB?

I heard tirupathi balaji has got a demat account for devotee donations. Will bribing god with a portion of your PNB holding help?

Divine brownie points.

Now PNB price is going on the basis of news and incidents. Don’t worry. Stock market have a phrase, "history repeats itself ". But it may take some time

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If for PNB u need to visit Tirupati, I think PCJ investors would need to visit all South Indian temples.

And Vakrangee investors would need to visit all temples in India plus Cambodia.

I think if u hold for long term then why do you worry about a small 20% fall? If u bought it just for short term, then assume u r long term investor and wait for your price


Buy more, no need to visit temples as some guys suggesting here, they believe in devine miracle, you are buying value not price, and in this juncture PNB is stealing deal.

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If you give advice/guidance on stock market, you will be known as “expert”, if you rub salt on wounds, still known as “expert” ?