What was EOD low value of CNX Nifty on 30 May 2014?

NSE Bhavcopy for 30 May has low value of 7118.45 for Nifty. Where as intraday data from other sources including Nest has 7215.85 as lowest value. Did Nifty really touch 7118.45 on 30 May or is it an error in Bhavcopy data?

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Bhavcopy is always correct! When markets get volatile, there could be many trades that happen in 1 second, and most of the tools don’t have the capability to capture every trade/tick that happens on the exchanges and transmit it on normal internet.


This question keeps coming up every now and then ( earlier a similar comment of why TSL got triggerred). It may be best to write a blog post about this to educate retail traders that not all ticks/trades can be captured by the tools used by retail traders and it is the cost of doing business.
One more similar post here - http://tradingqna.com/1154/couple-times-trades-are-executed-prices-captured-charts-that

Yep makes sense, will get someone to write this up as a blog post.