What will happen if Intraday CO/BO, is still open

what will happen if Intraday CO/BO is still open(after market closed) & margin fund is in negative

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Look we can’t do anything on this. But ethically Zerodha must take responsibility & cover losses of traders. if it doesn’t do , its no different from others & there no sense in calling 3 rd largest broker, most reputed & safe. Basic thing of a broker is to facilitate good, secure & reliable platform for trader. If it fails to do so repeatedly, they must introspect . Its my request to come forward , accept the fault & cover losses and give guidance to such traders. We respect Zerodha @nithin & always wanted to be a part of it. But due to this ,Sorry to say I don’t feel safe to trade in coming days. The trust is lost.


Yes, that’s their side fault.they have to take responsibility of it.cover losses.

@nithin can you please make a public notification about this

Problem is, there could be few traders made profit from this. Will they be happy if zerodha takes their profit and gives to people who lost money? Or should they settle just for losses and keep people having profit happy. Just thinking out loud :thinking:

Write to SEBI | Investor Complaints Cell;
3rd largest stock broker in India selling crap; am in LOSS

I won’t say its a crap. We too have understand that the client in year has increased maybe double. try with new platform which is good but has lot of prblm. i think they have to improve technical issues. for trader its their money which is in stake.When loss is increasing & can’t do abt . its a dangerous situation.