What will happen in following scenario?

What will happen to the price of call option if, in the initial phase of new expiry, the price of underlying is increasing but there is no buyer in front?

Usually, FNO stocks are famous for their liquidity across segments, during such a scenario the difference b/w bid and ask price can be huge, like was the case with HUL 2080 CALL OPTION OCT EXPIRY. Instead of being 80 Pts ITM at a CMP of 2160. bid & ask prices had a difference of 12-18 i.e 72 v/s 88-90 Rs. In such cases,mostly you will find a buyer ready to tap this opportunity & buy it below Intrinsic value + time value, which might not be a point to point bargain as far as the movement of underlying is concerned | Circuits and blackswans are exceptions though.