What will happen to future contract on expiry

I am holding yesbank stock on equity cash.

i have sold them and bought it in future.

what will happen on expiry will i get the stock credit to my account on expiry.

solded 26400 stock on cash and bought in fno 3 lots will i get stock on expiry.

Starting from October 2019 expiry, all stock F&O contracts will be compulsorily physically settled. If you hold a position in any Stock F&O contract, at expiry, you will be required to give/take delivery of stocks. In your case, you will be required to take 6600 (2200*3) quantity YESBANK delivery. Click here for more info.

i am holding jan and feb contract what will
26400(8800 * 3).

the cash i have sold the stock so the fund for the a future margin is available as per cash.

will it ask for 3x margin on the end of the week like option selling where it ask for more margin every day.

For the January & February contracts the margin requirement for all Stock F&O contracts will be increased 2 days prior to expiry (Wednesday and Thursday of the monthly expiry week) to twice of the exchange prescribed SPAN + Exposure margin required.

Combined margin requirements

Span Rs: 1,49,688

Exposure margin Rs: 1,77,537

Total margin ? Rs: 3,27,225

Exchange Contract Product Strike Qty Initial margin Exposure Total
NFOx YESBANK20JAN Futures N/A 8800 B 1,49,688 1,77,537 3,27,225
Total 3,27,225

will it increase just the spam 149688*2=299376

exposure margin 177537*2=355074


Total margin ? Rs: 3,27,225*2 =654510

YesBank January month contract value is 4,32,960 (lot size * LTP).

Span+ Exposure margin required is 3,27,225 (Exchange prescribed ), if you double the span+exposure margin the value will become more than the contract value so in the above case margin block will be 432960 (100% of the contract value ) 2 days prior to expiry .

PS : Span+Exposure margin amount required to carry the position are changing on daily basis,so you can keep a track of it here https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/SPAN/