What will happen to option

Today i bought 1000 quantity of Banknifty 28800PE at 0.5 rupee .
1st i put order then cancelled but zerodha not responded so its got completed.

Now i have 1000 quantity left what will happen to them and any charges occurring to it??
Banknifty expired at 29815
So it is out of money but at the time of 15:30:30
My option price is 0.25
What will happen then??

500 rupees + 20 rs (brokerage) + 20-30 rs (charges) = 550 rs gone

Thats it, no other problem

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I don’t know but something happened at 15:25 to 15:30
28800CE price not comingdown @15
28800PE price not rising above 0.5
But bank nifty is at 28753 at 15:30
Bank future at 28786
So technically pe should be at 25-50
And Ce shoud be at 0

But suddenly after market close Bank nifty closed at 28815 hows that possible…??

Bank Nifty’s last tick price was 28753 but when closing price is concerned it is taken as the ‘volume weighted average price of the last 30 minutes’, which comes out to be 28815. (Hence the closing price)
The same applies to every index and stock as well.

But then what will happen to my option is it ITM or out of the money.
As closing price of option is 0.25

It will expire worthless. You will lose the premium that you’ve already paid. There won’t be any additional charges.
As @Stonecold, the close price is determined using the VWAP of the last 30 minutes.

Whre to see that weighted average price


Whre to see in live market like at 15:25

I think no way. I Do it manually. Check price at 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, take average of three it will be near to that.