What will make nifty go up today? increasing or decreasing RBI interest rates

What will make nifty go up? increasing or decreasing RBI interest rates.

How is this fundamental analysis :smile:

I think you are intraday trader asking doubts everyday in garb of learning :slight_smile:

Is this your first time trading RBI policy?

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Not trading yet , but planning to start trading after receving the retirement corpus in 2022.

Okay but my point of saying that was again what market proved it

The answer to your question is - Decreasing rate will cause Nifty to go up

But this market always goes opposite (as you can see today)

So asking this question with respect to market’s one day move is very trivial

I noticed this happens very common during intraday trading for most of the traders.

Irrelevant. Market (rather institutions) will do whatever they want to do at a given point irrespective of whether rates are cut or hiked.

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