What would be max loss

Today SBI stock took a nosedive and lost Rs 20 per share in 5 min at 01:20 pm. what would have happened if an individual had 50K as capital in Trading account and went long in SBIN19OCTFUT(1 lot = 3000 shares) at 01:00 pm @270. The margin needed to go long is Rs 28K for a bracket order and his SL was at 265. what would be his maximum loss if SL is skipped?
How to exit with minimum loss at that time of nosedive.

use SL-M order

If you have SL in place, you have nothing to worry about, once your SL is triggered it becomes market order and gets executed at market price. And SBI (or most of the FO stocks being liquid scrips) the sell price shouldn’t be much far away from your SL trigger.

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True. my query is if I have 50K in my trading account and 28k has been marked for this particular trade and such nosedive happens and my SL is not triggered, then in that case, can my loss extend beyond 28k and would my money be deducted beyond 28k? The max loss could be 50K in this case but what if I had 1 Lac in my account and is there any worse case scenario where the whole amount could be wiped off?

There are very good chances of happening, what you said.
SL could be triggerred, there could be times when sl triggered but not executed due to network issues, exchange issues etc. Same with options. Avoid futures and options.

yes it can happen , but very rare
sl will eventually get hit near to order