What you all think about stock tips advisory company?

I recently landed at a company named DreamGains. You can check them at dreamgains.com

They provide tips in stock cash market. I saw there past reports they has a good success reports. Now, I am a beginner. Should I sign for their plan and start trading. They told me that, we have a 80% success rate and I think as per their reporst they say true. 

Experts please guide me. I will be starting with INR 10,000 capital and by using margins of 9x. I'll trading on their tips, Their all tips are of intraday. 

Now, what should I do. I have not found any negative reviews on the web about them.



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never never never.i had even seen 99 % success ratio but the result is you will loose the capital if u follow,reason is they will update the highest price achieved by them ignoring the stoploss hit…find your own way to make money…initially i had also seen such reports and thought that if i pump capital ill also life a heaven of life but its the hell that we trade with their tips.when they recommend at that time itself i would had moved up/down.tipsters 99% success will make u loose,but your own strategy of 60% success will make you money.

Every Advisory company follows some mechanical TA system to provide stock tips. And no system can give you more that 60% success. So 80% success rate is incorrect. But even if the success rate is 50% you can achieve good profit with a sensible risk management and calculated risk reward ratio. For a risk reward ratio of 1:2, you just need to be successful 33% in your trades to break even your capital.

With the advent of powerpoint slides and various tools, any report can be fabricated and presented in a well pleasing manner. Make sure you stay away from such things.

you are right,the best way to make money is to lure in newbies by the way of tips and take away the money…

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