What yours Trading system

My Trading system
Stocks Range:Nifty 50,nifty PSE
Preferable stocks:Nifty PSE
Segment:Equity delivery CNC
Fixed ROI:5% per Trade
Total capital :₹ 50,000
Diversification of investment:₹10,000 per trade
Avoiding stocks sectors: bank, pharma , IT
Preferable stocks sector : Energy,utilities.
Sometimes ,I do not follow the above steps.so,it is not strict Trading system.
Entry :1)fundamental analysis by tickertape Investment
check list.
2)My own technical analysis by viewing charts
using indicators of
RSI for Identifying market trend.
MACD for identifying BUY and SELL signal.
SMA and EMA were used to buy at Right price
Exit:1)Fixed ROI of 5% for short holding period of one
day to one month.
2)Fixed ROI of 10% for long holding period of one
month or more.
I am moreover have investor mindset than a Trader
My NET PROFIT:₹7940 +₹850(Received dividend)+₹620(announced Dividend)=₹9610
And I have still end of this month to contribute to net profit.
I am not new trader .And this is my fourth attempt. I am once blown my entire capital amount of 10 k in my early trading days.i have been doing trading for past 2 years.
Sometimes, I have varying capital amount .so
ROI for 50 k capital in past 8 months is around 20%.
Note: 1)I have completed 27 TRADES(BOTH BUY AND
2)Brought stocks from a basket of 19 stocks.

very good system simple and humble, keep it up