What's happening to Tesla, the poster boy of EV?

Bill Gates must have been making a killing on his Tesla short bet against Musk.

The stock is now down 75% Year to date and 42% down in December itself. That’s just staggering.

Is it the excesses correcting in the most valuable market? Or is market worried about Elon’s focus towards his other ventures esp twitter?

At this point of time - with little to no progress seen elsewhere with EV theme , this generally feels like we are in troubling times for the sector - and the noise about more investments in green hydrogen :green_heart: keep propping up.

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Twitter takeover and related distractions, investor jitters about growth assets and most recently, worries that high inflation and rising interest rates will dampen consumers’ enthusiasm for EVs. And to add to this, supply chain/production issues in China. A combination of factors. :sweat_smile:

Found this report from Crisil earlier this week,

Key messages

  • Globally, adoption of green hydrogen is critical to achieve the announced Net-Zero carbon emission targets. For India, it also would reduce import dependence on fossil fuels
  • However, currently, economics is a major hindrance, with green hydrogen estimated to cost $3-6/kg. in India, i.e., over 2x higher than grey hydrogen
  • Combination of technological advancements and regulatory support would be key to reduce levelised cost to below $2/kg
  • Safe and economic storage and transportation of hydrogen would also be key to improve competitiveness
  • Oil refineries and fertiliser players (consuming ammonia) could be the early users, while steel and transportation would follow much later
  • India has the potential to tap the export market, benefited by lower renewable energy generation cost, sufficient land availability and human capital; however, there could be close competition from China and the Middle East, among others
  • While a slew of investments have been announced across the value chain by Indian majors, firm offtake agreements as well as policy interventions from the government would be critical

And this from yesterday,

But some concerns too,


This is as detailed as it gets, Thanks @Pai

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Is green hydrogen any different from hydrogen fuel cell cars that already exist?


Green Hydrogen is essentially Hydrogen obtained by using clean energy sources or other biochemical reactions. Hydrogen fuel cells can generate Hydrogen fuel through electrolysis or other reactions, and is different from green Hydrogen in the sense that it involves either precious metals or other energy inputs that is absent in green Hydrogen.

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Tesla up 70% in a month - Wow