Whats is happening in dhfl?

50 % FALL IN AN HOUR. banknifty 4% down. are we heading toward black Friday.

DHFL fcuked all investors today

What is the reason for this big fall. I saw couple of sites. Only statisticks were there but no reasons

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Holly Molly

How does 50% fall feels in chart. Almost two years upmove retraced in a single day.

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sometime market opens our eyes and tells that i can fcuk U any time with unlimited amount of LOSS

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All housing stocks went batsh*t crazy in the last one hour.

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No order getting executed at Zerodha

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look at short covering due to CMD comment :D:D

investors again selling — panic selling ------- crores crores money changed its hand.

rise in yield of commerical papers issued by the company

I think investors are selling heavilly

Investors are not selling heavily they are breathing heavily

Like the cat in my display pic its a meme called “heavy breathing cat”

Selling done by operators, and the speed at which it fell, retail investors probably either didn’t sell or sold at lows of day

what reason i got is this, (my understanding)

  1. DSP merryl lynch mutual fund was in need of some money for their bond fund
    2.so they tried to sell 200-300 crore rupees bond of DHFL they were holding
  2. so they sold it in secondary market with higher yield means with some loss to MF in turn indirectly devaluing DHFL bonds.
  3. that market took negatively and started selling DHFL stock
  4. huge selling triggered more downfall in stock.

so next question is what is relation with IL&FS ,

  1. actually as such DHFL fall had no connection with bad condition of IL&FS
  2. bt assuming such bond illiquidity could trigger more falls so IL&FS bonds are huge and wide spread in market so that can trigger different fall in NBFC and any one who is holding the bonds.
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Guys help me understand why didn’t the circuit filters kick in in case of DHFL or YES bank. If my understanding is correct we have 5, 10 and 20 % filters correct ? Then how come DHFL and Yes bank fell more than 20% and there was no circuit filters

FNO stocks have no circuit filter

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No limits for FNO stocks or if they are forming part of any Index.

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Thanks for the answers guys however there was a temp freeze at 25% or 30% for DHFL… any idea why freeze it temproarily ???

FNO stocks have no circuit filters but they have temporary freezes at 10%, then 15% and so on.

This is because if there is no freeze, and morning stock is trading at 500, someone will execute an order at 100 and make stock fall 80% down

That is the reason for keeping freezes in between, so 10% freeze, means at 500 price you cannot put price as 100 you can put only as low as 450

Once it reaches 10% down (or up), then next freezes are opened one by one


Thanks, I guess it’s better to keep smaller targets and buy or sell in large quantities … So that we (retail traders) don’t get stuck in these kind of mess.

Yes FNO stocks can be horrible this way. Infact people who hold big amounts usually hedge it with put options when they feel downfall may come.

Like in YESBANK, if someone held big qty, it would be wise to take put options to hedge.

But DHFL fall was not expected like YESBANK, I mean the event was not expected. So this was not possible to escape.

Only thing one can do to save from these kind of situations is - Exit markets once you are in profits and you see Nifty at 11750 and elections coming up. That is the only signal investors had at August end.

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