Whats maximun lots can i get filled with SL order within 1 point difference in price and limit

1 approx maximun how many lots i can get filled with 1 point diff between price and limit in SL order?

2 which order u use for entry and stop loss trailing ?

3 if 3 traders submit first trader SL order, second one limit order, and third one market order at a time which order gets first priority in execution.

  1. Based on the stock/index what you are trading. Usually you need to observe the best 5 bid and ask prices to arrive at a figure which could execute within 1 point range. Shares of higher price range most likely will jump 1 point gap, without executing your order at all. Nifty has good liquidity, but it depends on how many lots you need to execute within 1 point. A few lots 5 to 10 lots could easily go through in one point change of nifty. In Banknifty it may most likely jump your 1 point, leaving your order in pending status.

  2. Bracket Orders can be used for SL-trialing, entry by limit order.

  3. Market order will execute first, limit order and SL order will be queued and only will be executed only when the LTP last traded price reached the trigger/limit values.