What's The Future Of Indian IntraDay Trader

I Really Want To Know That What’s The Future Of Day Trader’s In India

I’ll Tell You Why I’m Asking This Question

As A Day Trader We Know That How Difficult To Find A Perfect Trading Strategy For Earning Money Consistently

I’m Tracking Sebi’s Circulars Everytime For Past Few Months Looks Like Sebi Wants To Retail Trader Away From Doing IntraDay & Derivative Trading

Assume That Stock Market Is Car For Ride A Car Most Important Thing Is Tyres Right? So If All Big Investors Are Front 2 Tyres Of Car Then Day Trader’s Like Me And all Other Are Back 2 Tyres Because I Think We All Day Trader’s Providing a Liquidity And Volume For Market

So Why We Don’t Get Any Respect Like Investors. People Always Say That Day Trader’s Are Gambler’s

By The Way Is That Any Contury In World Ban IntraDay Trading?

So Come To The Point. In India We Can Expect Day Trading As Long Run Business For Next 10,20,30… Years?


Hi @ad09,

In spite of all the negativity surrounding intraday trading, I think intraday traders will continue to strive and thrive in Indian market.

Thanks to brokers like Zerodha, the cost of business has gone down considerably for Indian traders. I know we take it for granted now but for those who have been the age of % based brokerage would really appreciate what we have got now.

Instead of thinking ourselves as victims of SEBI regulations or desperately craving for someone’s respect, why not ask the real question: is intraday trading really profitable or is it another form of gambling?

I think that for the traders who have found consistently profitable strategies (along with strong risk management framework) the answer is very clear but for others unfortunately, it’s a deep pit of despair.

Just like Arjun said to Dronacharya that the only thing he saw around him was the bird’s eye. On the same lines, we should be solely focused on honing the skill that is trading rather than worrying about distractions and obstacles, which by the way are in every profession.

As far as respect is concerned, even a gambler gets respect as long as he wins consistently.




Intraday is great with great growth potential,it’s just that we can’t master it, not every one can get Bharat ratna that does not mean we r not children of maa Bharat, but we try our best to prove ourselves . That’s it.


Its not that SEBI has a grudge against retail investors or is out to ban them. The problem in India is that many who enter the stock market for the first time neither have the necessary knowledge of the risk or ability to take a loss or both. So SEBI is doing its best to protect the retail investors so that only those aware of the risks participate.
Another important point is that increasing the barrier of entry results in players or manipulators of stocks being weeded out so it will be that much better for genuine players.


Dusting up all those old certificates and knocking doors for a Job or knocking friends and relatives door for a handout.

This is not new, Its always been that way. Reality Bites.

pls b clear in opinion …u r calling trading gambling or not…dont play with wrds.
There is fundamental difference between trading and gambling.
People follow you n your answers so i think u should be clear n firm in your view.


Its jst matter of tim SEBI n everyone will realize importance of day trader…

Professional trading is NOT gambling, let me be clear if I wasn’t already. Those who trade without any strategy or game plan treat trading like gambling so essentially it is the person who is a trader or a gambler and not the profession itself.

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Its a reality , all the stock brokers and big players are with SEBI, so its better to change the strategies for trading , Better way going forward is to increase the trading capital, slowly migrate to other form of trading. Try to avoid / ignore naysayers!! , don’t be get distracted , what the other people say about day traders!!

The thing that I hate about intraday is, you make money only when someone loses. You can be on the other side at any time, and that’s what happens to 90% day traders

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Sebi is doing all these so that naive traders/investors will be protected from heavy losses. And they are increasing capital for option writers. No change for day traders.

I believe that there is a lot of potential in India. A lot of youngster just need a challenge to prove themselves. I think that Intraday trading has a lot of bright future in India. I think that the Government needs to facilitate them and make policies that will help them.

But do they have the funds required to win in this challenge ? Intraday Trading is not just a chellenge as it terms of a college competition that requires no capital. Intraday trading requires large amount of disposible capital in the long run. Most of our fellow countrymen will be better off in the long run, if they work for someone.