What's the hardest part about being successful at F&O trading?

I’m trying to learn about F&O trading and I wanted some advice on this. What parts are the most difficult to do? What should I be prepared for?

My personal view on hardest part.

  1. Putting Capital, for worth the time you should bring 5x of your yearly income .Considering you earn 20% Roi.Otherwise even your successful its not worth the time.Fno is full time job.

  2. At least 3 years of experience full time. I feel just like engineering, MBA or Medical, trading requires 3 years or 10000hrs of experience just like professional sports to build psychology and learning.

  3. Learning attitude, so no system works forever so you need to adapt quickly.


You need to develope a strategy that is well backtested…Backtesting builds confidence …The hardest part in trading is planning the trade before execution … You want to trade F&O…Pick the instruement from that segment and build a strategy… A simple strategy is Trading with pivot points … Either Camarilllla equation or Floor Pivots

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Predicting the future.