What's the reason behind icici direct on no. 2 list


Hi guys,
Is anyone know what’s the reason behind companies like icici and hdfc as a broker on number 2 and 3. What’s the reason why people are still prefer these brokers.


Normally banks offer 3in 1 accounts so whoever opened a bank account they are forced to get one. Any account if single transaction happens in last 1 year is termed as active account. Things are changing now, slowly they are going out of relevance and hopefully in couple of years they will be kicked out from top 5 if they continue to do the same what they are doing now.


May be 10 years earlier this is not offered extensively but I believe one can notice all banks advertising 3 in 1 accounts in last few years. Anyhow as you said quality and trust is what matters in the long run.


I get 2-3 Call a week to convert 3 in 1 account


Idirect offers free margin for intraday and u can carry that position for t+180 days. Ur stocks will be pledged and u have to pay nominal daily interest.

Their risk management is awesome. There cannot be error due to fat finger etc from ur end. Multiple checks.

Further idirect has lot of robustness and speed and reliability. Even if front end is down u can call and trade. Or make call to ur equity advisor.

The personal eq advisor is highly knowledgeable and u can reach in .mobile

Name any stock they will give vital clue though they dont offer sell buy advise

Day to day formal tips are posted in iclick2gain page


New regulations by SEBI will not allow this to happen. All unpaid stocks will have to be sold within 5 days of payout.


True, brokerage industry has evolved in these recent years. If we have noticed, ICICI was a top broker in India but slip to 2nd after Zerodha this year.
The newer generations is adopting zero trading brokerage model. Few of them are pure commission-less Finvasia, FIT plan (free intraday) Kotak, Freedom plan Wisdom capital to name a few.
These are definitely hurting the traditional stock brokers in some ways.


It’s just not about brokerage but includes many other things, to mention few, the products we offer, quality of our products, support we provide, educational initiatives we have taken, etc.


Not really…recently they extended t plus 18 0 days to NSE as well and made it t plus 365 days

idirect pays on your behalf and collect shares. Daily interest will be debited. Even i got dividend and voting rights.

Check their margin client mode product.