What's the reason behind Quick Heal price jump?

Hello friends
Can you please tell me what’s the reason behind this extraordinary jump?

Technically, it’s breaking out.

I think there’s some game going on.
Maybe some HNI/institution wants to sell their holdings

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It declined now.

Bcoz of some rumour of virus which can affect near to 200 bank app

One of my college professor told us that Antivirus Company Itself create virus and This is how they run their Business :joy:

He also told us that if you know how to create computer virus then only you get opportunity to work in antivirus Business company.


Do you mean the rumor caused the stock to go down?

LOL :joy::joy: Definitely not. That’s just not possible as they are extensively tested.
Source : I’m a computer engineer :slight_smile:

Hahahahahah on That special day professor wanted us to create some computer virus.
Maybe for motivation He made this theory. :joy:

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hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@mac76 you have any opening in your company?