What's up with kwality stock?

Kwality stock has been falling for last many days.
What’s going on with this company & stock?
There are news about mounting debts, promoters flushing Holdings etc.
Not much news beyond this in public domain. Is it going to be another vakrangee or Shilpi cables?

Here’s one reason for the downward drift

This means there is fraudulent selling & there is no change in fundamentals hence kwality is available at huge discount. Then, why it is not picked up by value investors, traders yet? Why it’s not hitting upper circuit everyday to reach back to its previous levels?

Experts, Any thoughts here please?


Earnings have not improved since last 3-4 years and debt has increased.

PE has taken a hit , well below industry/sector average.

It was always the case but stock was holding on to much higher level till recently a brokerage firm sold kwality shares fraudulently sending stock down lower circuit.
What’s the fair stock price considering the earnings?


Stock has been failing since Apr 2017. Fraudulent selling is just recent.

Fair price - i suggest you do the valuations yourself. It is subjective.

Hold it. All these short term tamasha in Kwality shouldn’t matter to you. Its a hold and average it on the upside. Fundamentals look ok. Not sure of the rest of the risks associated with the stock.
Don’t allocation more than 5% to this stock.

Thanks. Yes I am holding. I am expecting a big re-tracement rally soon as I feel it is severely undervalued among the FMCGs.

It’s continuing it’s fall. Is there anything that we retail don’t know that’s making it fall. I have a reasonable position in it.