What's up with NSE IFSC?

June 5 2017, that’s when NSE introduced IFSC which is an international exchange. It will enable us to invest in US markets.

Is there any update on this ? When will it be fully functional ? And what are the requirements ? Is there any further information provided other than the circular ? Recently there is no news about this.


Anyone ?

There were some talks of allowing retail investors to invest overseas via IFSC but nothing has been finalized yet.

For now, the best route is through an Interactive Brokers account. They have waived off the $10 monthly maintenance charge.

ok, @Suyash.K

3 questions,

  • DO you have any experience with them ?
  • Is it true that they won’t work during US holidays when NSE/BSE is open ?
  • i’ve heard that there was some min deposit like 1 lakh, is this still true ?
  1. I had opened an account with them last year but did not fund it. I thought that the cost of money transfer + monthly maintenance cost + tax compliance did not justify the amount of investment I was planning to make.

  2. There’s IB India which has a membership of NSE and then there’s IBKR in the US. Both are separate. You can open an NSE only account or an overseas account or both. So, I’m quite sure IB would work even on US holidays. You can make investments elsewhere too like on the LSE or HKSE.

  3. I’m not sure. Maybe, if they waived off the monthly maintenance, they could have introduced a minimum deposit. Best is to check with them. They have a good customer service team.

I’d suggest IB over the new age brokers like Vested and all simply because they are listed and are a 50 year old company.

IBKR US does not have any minimum funding requirement. However, to subcribe to market data, your account value should be min. USD 500. The rest is already answered by @Suyash.K

Thanks @Suyash.K and @joyesh