What's your age & how long you have been trading & investing for?

How old are you?

Is this a secret interview, sir?

I’m 18 and I’ve been trading for 22 years.

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26 and i have been doing it seriously from 5 months

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:joy::joy:No, i am just curious to know.:neutral_face:

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Oh, please! Only Rajinikanth can do that.


Age 30, investing from 2010 april, formerly had account in ICICIDirect (still have) but now I primarily using Zerodha for investing since last 5 months. My CAGR till now is 27% YOY. I am expert in timing when to enter and when to exit(Very important).

No actually because of 22 years of trading his actual age 48 yrs became 18.

Iam 38 years old & trading only in patches for last 4 years

27th running trading for 6 months