What's your new year trading and investing resolution?

As 2017 draws to an end, it’s time to reflect and look back on the year that was. We all have things that we would like to do differently so what’s your new year resolution for 2018?

This is a great topic. 2017 is special for me because I started trading in this year. Made losses and learnt from it.

My new year resolutions are-:

Strictly follow strategy in trading.
Become successful in trading
Finish the book that i am reading( Reminisces of a trader)
Learn about new stratergies

Thanks :slight_smile:


33% ROI this year.


Will try to become a better person and hopefully that reflects in the trades.

Also, learn more, share more and have a good time on tradingqna.

  1. Searching Job.
  2. Learn new Things.
  3. Increase my Consistency in Intraday.
  4. I’ll buy some shares in CNC.

My new year resolution is to stay at the EDGE of my comfort level- don’t get too complacent with current position size but don’t leverage so high that my emotions get the best of me. I want to slowly keep increasing the position size for the strategies that are working and keep experimenting with strategies (& asset classes) that I haven’t tested yet.

I also want to get a little bit more serious - people say I laugh a lot :grinning:

~Neha (www.VRDNation.com)


I want to trade regularly, now I am not trading regularly. I want to trade in profits

Mine are

Will trade consistently and focus on strategies that have proven effective
Will participate more in this wonferful community and get to know other traders
Will try to automate trades more

Cheers. Happy 2018 guys

Hoping to apply at least 50% of the knowledge I gained in 2017 and be consistently profitable by end of each quarter in 2018.


My new year resolution is to blow my account 50% lesser times than last year!

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Realist spotted :raised_hands:

Try to earn more than 20% monthly…
Apply the knowledge I have collected & make it a skill for consistently make profit everyday (Even if just 1 rupee after brokerage & tax)

I have bought 8000 shares of water base @ 392 for trading target of 409

Please suggest me the script to buy the stock for trading purposes.