Whats your Risk to Reward ratio?

hi traders,

What is the your best risk to reward ratio so far?

For some of my option short trades , risk 4 : reward 1 :grinning:


I trade in equities, for a successful call I get 2:1.

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my risk is 4k loss per day :stuck_out_tongue: and profit unlimitedddd


Mine is 1:1.3

Mine is 1:2

Minimum 1:3

This is the value averaged over many trades. Since I only buy options, theoretically reward is infinity and risk is only premium amount. But average value is the reliable metric to determine account size along with max drawdown which I keep at 30% tops.

Intraday : 1.5:1
Positional: 1:1.5

My probability of profit is very high (90+%). I target 1-2% per week. My risk is 5 times the reward.

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you mean you bet/risk 1R to get 5R.
that’s pretty good.

Share your psychology and state of mind, waiting for a massive 5R, overcoming the eagerness to booked out at 2R, 3R or 4R.