What's your view on Choosing the Trading as a Full Time Career?

hmm…interesting comments. I was thinking to become a full time day trader after about three years but reading all these comment stuff it is a reflection point that whether taking this job as full time will be a wise option or let it be a passive income…

By the way, my trading started about two years back and till now lost INR 25 Lacs! Well that is my mistake which is trading like a gambling…never looked into chart, held positions for days and weeks and then closing the positions at a loss price, never implemented a STOP LOSS and interestingly I read all the books and watched all the youtube videos while the losses are going on!

After 25 Lacs loss, I just gathered some courage(with a capital of 3 lacs) and started trading with some self-reading books on charts, indicators, risk management, position sizing, YouTube videos etc…etc…Today is my fifth day of trading(after the transformation)…I would not say it is bad so far but the loss is now limited (yeah with stop loss) and currently trading for about 2-3 hours daily only…

wanted to know if anyone has gone through with similar stories or it is just me as a full who lost 25 lacs:)

The most important thing in trading is discipline,plan,risk management and last but not least your technincal skills.

can’t we improve these skills day by day while trading? bcoz, were not born with all kinds of skills :slight_smile:

Nobody is a born doctor as well :slight_smile: you chisel yourself day by day !

But, you didn’t answer to this question? Needed your answer…

You can hone your skills, but personally I think there is a minimum requisite that you need to be born with.

if i practice all those calmness and other qualities that suggested and fully activate those in me i will become saint and never trade lel
din dahade daka with legal documents haha

lol, why rich father in law, why not rich father ? You are sure no father will allow their son to play with their money.

lol ya buddy thats true … it was just a joke buddy

Everyone does loose a hefty amount in the start, but what you say seems a bit exaggerated,
Trading is an art, I can only be honed in course of time. The direction we take is purely based on our choices. Yeah it could go wrong sometimes. No one is perfect. So start making some strategy and rejuvenate yourself again with some proper guidance. When we came to this world, we have not brought anything, just remember that. Its always possible we can start again.

beautifully said that its like managing a small corporate company…until we earn good profit we can live like a celebrity…