What's your view point - Expected more traders share their views

  1. In general, i see that Most of the person who knows stock market well, of course after some of the experience, they quit trading or reduced the participation ratio and started some other activity/business.
    So what’s your view point, WHY ?
  2. There is Class of the people who believe Trading/stock market is wrong(bla bla…) ? Is it mean they don’t know TA and FA analysis ?
  3. What the books of stock market tells you ? Is it benefited to the person who knows TA and FA ?
  4. if someone earns between 30,000 to 50,000 per month from stock market than he is treated as successful trader or not ? i.e. stock market is more than that ?

Thanks for your TIME.<<


1. That maybe cause they were unable to consistently make profits in the market or they found a more lucrative source of income.

2. Stock market trading is like any other job. It requires patience and hard work. There is nothing wrong about it. Those who think it's wrong might most like share the view point that trading is gambling and it is unfortunate that most people think this way.

3. It is very important to know basic technicals and fundamentals while trading. This need not necessarily be from any book. This skill set can very well be picked from just trading and striving to be profitable. Also, this post throws light on good trading related books.

4. Once you understand how the market works, you can decide you monetary target for the day. You have to be mindful and grateful for the money the market allows you to make and always strive to manage risk and not get jailed by greed and fear.

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