Whats your view?

the only thing which is almost 100% controllable in this market is loss; so if we control our losses the profit will automatically comes in our hand.

your question reminds me of an old quote :Mohabbat hoti hai jab dil se dil milta hai, lekin mushkeel to ye hai ki ye dil badi muhskeel se milta hai !
not easy to control loss may be to some extent by putting stop loss on every order ! loss and profit are inherent in share market.

Just because I am vegetarian, I shouldn’t be expecting the bull to not charge at me :grinning:

No loss or less loss doesn’t mean profit. But, may be just boundaries for loss. It’s better to have less loss compared to big loss so it’s a good beginning to the next steps - small gains, more gains than losses, few big gains with many small losses.

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I agree with the statement that magnitude of loss is controllable by the trader. But not 100%. There can be some scenarios where loss can’t be 100% contained. Say there was a huge gap down the next day you bought a stock or futures and it opened below your SL or a situation like what happened with Vakrangee recently, the stock was at lower circuit for many days. Many lost more than 50% of the wealth.
But yes compared to other parameters loss can be contained to some extent.
That doesn’t mean profit follows. It all depends on your strategy.
This is the reason trading is one of the most toughest jobs in financial world.

bro thats why i have mentioned “ALMOST” 100%

Sorry I missed it.