WhatsApp outrage issue - more in future?

Whatsapp down for 2 hours…why are such outrages happning more n more .

Wht happens if we r blocked for days? can our economy or lives still run smoothly? Financial mrkts also can b under huge risk

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Are you being sarcastic? :roll_eyes:

No he might be serious.

He can’t live without whatsapp. And he thinks everyone can’t live without whatsapp.

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I’m serious - our lives too depandent on these applications.

Wht hppns will these become regular

Looks like he is :face_in_clouds:

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You are in touch and talk with your family and friends with such an app, that’s it. It is not internet.

If internet is gone, then I will say yes, our lives are dependent on it to some extent.


ya …I’m mostly talking about internet outrge …today whatsapp was down… someday most apps n even internet can b

Of course, there is always that possibility. A system can go down any time.

Don’t you have risk management system with your trading? Same with life too, we have to build one.

Wasnt it in august that google had an outage too?

Overall Market down/weak .

Reason: maybe experts could not give much calls due to WhatsApp issues today.:grinning:
(WhatsApp Forward)

Where is it happening more and more? How long have you been using Internet.
I have seen many outages in the past and with each passing day outages are becoming lesser and lesser and not more n more.

There are thousands of engineers working day and night to keep the system running so whatever it is they’ll fix at the earliest.

Seems like it.

Yes, so?

You couldn’t survive without WhatsApp for two hours. Think of those living in Kashmir where internet is shut every now and then because of terrorism

Yolo ask with such innocence…you made me smile…

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The largest market for WhatsApp outside of China is India, where a large number of companies largely rely on the messaging platform. Both large and small firms may suffer financial losses as a result of the outage. The downtime of WhatsApp, in my opinion, will not have a significant impact on India’s entire economy. Because even when the application is down, it quickly comes back online. And when such an outage is officially reported in the news, both customers and producers can excuse a brief delay in messaging.

A whatsapp outage for a few hours is least likely to cause any negative implications on the economy of India, other than some small business facing temporary order delay. Its connection with the Indian stock market is far from happening.

Agree! Yes, it is a concerning issue. But such issues are not likely to cause any major impacts on the Indian stock market.

Such outages have happened before and will continue to happen. They won’t have a huge impact on the Indian economy, and two hours of power outage does not mean anything significant. It happens with other platforms too.

This could become a problem as many businesses rely on messaging apps these days.

WhatsApp and all are fine. Main issue is what if essential services like banking or real time applications get off for hours or more