When and how often does Zerodha take money from PIS account?

I am a newbie in zerodha. For NRIs to buy and sell shares, I came to know a PIS account is needed.

The bank(Yes Bank) will charge 100 rupees per contract note in PIS account. I found in zerodha nri website that Zerodha will send seperate contract note for buy and sell at end of the day.

Can anyone answer my questions below

  1. Assume that I buy 3 companies share in one day. Does this mean that Zerodha will send 3 different contract notes to PIS account at end of the day(This means, I have to pay 300 rupees to Yes bank) ? Or only 1 contract note will be send for buy ?

  2. How does zerodha get money from PIS account ? Do I need to transfer money to PIS account and Zerodha will take it at the end of the day ?

Thanks in advance.