When BSE changed its trasaction charge?

Previously zerodha charges page was showing

  1. BSE transaction charge = Rs 1.50 each on buy and sell trade.
  2. NSE transaction charge = 0.00325%

Based on these charges I had compared them in articles

NSE or BSE which is better?
Why NSE is more popular than BSE?

Today I just checked the zerodha charges page and it is showing BSE transaction charges are now 0.003%.

Can someone tell me when this change had been announced?
I couldn’t find anything regarding this specific change while googling.


@nithin may be you can throw some light on this change.


Hey Mayank,

BSE vide this notice, discontinued the flat rate on the trade count basis (Rs. 1.5 per trade) with effect from August 01st, 2018 and a new charge rate based on incremental monthly turnover was announced as per the table below:

Thanks for this BSE notice @Nakul.

@Nakul, I have some confusion while calculating the charges.
Is this not a static charge? Trader don’t seem to pay in percentage at the end of the month.

While writing my previous reply I calculated and it came to 0.003% for the first slab. But I don’t think it is being applied by BSE in percentage.

I mean, whether a trader’s turnover is 10Rs or 1crore both going to pay Rs300 at the exchange at the end of the month?
Or is it that, at the end of the month 10Rs trader will pay Rs0.0003 and the one with 1crore turnover will pay 300, if 0.003% applied.

The Charges / Rate is per Crore basis, So it’s static but changes according to the Turnover value.

i.e. If your turnover is 1 Crore then the charge is Rs.300 and if the turnover is Rs.10 then, the charge is Rs. 0.0003 ((300*10)/10000000).

The percentage you derived is correct up to Turnover of Rs. 750 Crore. As price is defined as Rs.300/1Crore.

You can calculate it in any way by percentage or conventional method, no difference. The method will be different, but the result will be the same. Simple Maths. :grinning: