When can i file ITR-3

@Quicko when can we file ITR-3 on quicko

Cleartax must have got a "deal " :wink:with tax dept to block Quicko. Cleartax Heavy tv & ytube promotion for tax filing. Even @₹399 cleartax will take market share…

Last year filed itr-3 (as a business as mostly intraday trades).
If no quicko by July 21st &no date extension, have to change party​:partying_face: & file via cleartax. :smile:Never thro it web site. ( only if filing itr-1)

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Even other websites like Myitreturn, taxspammer, tax2win, taxbuddy, eztax etc also allowing

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After they get their ERI license renewed from Tax department

@Ankit thanks
This info is new. I know you mentioned you file via Incometax web site. ( i filed itr-1 except last year always via income tax web site)
All these sites capable of importing zerodha tax p&l?
For un assited filing free?
At the moment created a login im cleartax if Quicko does not get "ERI license "in time
Any other traders here filed itr-3 successful with the above mentioned sites?

Not aware of these things as have never used any app other than cleartax. All I know is except Quicko everyone is allowing e-filing so clearly problem is at Quicko level.

I filed itr-3 using @Quicko on 10th july. Not sure what happened now.

Are you sure… I also tried filing it on 10th july…

Yeah 100 percent sure. One of my friend as well filed it on 10th & told me. So I tried…it worked at that point of time.

Probably tax filing on Quicko has started.
See this. Users have started thanking it on Twitter

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Its still not working for itr 3

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Yes not working

Then I suspect these are Quicko bots. Because I found plenty of them.

I was beginning to fill up data in cleartax.
Through aadhar otp/ incometax site cleartax got all the sb &fd interest etc.

Next dividends; it has the total amount say 10k, it is asking for breakup of dividend company wise with date.
It is going to be a long laundry list.all the break-up is in ais.
Do i mention transaction date or booking date ? ( Not sure laying the basis for fines for not paying quarterly advance tax for puny amounts?
I have not gone beyond this stage yet.
Can not getaway with agreeing the total dividend showing in the prefill data?

In my case, I mention the dates on which I receive dividends in my bank account. Doung it from past 7 years, no issues so far.

Thanks. That was the approach i had in mind.
Guess what i filed itr-3 via Quicko few minutes ago & got a " Acknowledge ment no"
I couldn’t resist Quicko.
I signed in using zerodha credentials & then signed in to it IT web via IT log in ( they didn’t have aadhaar otp like cleartax,that was a warning sign)
FD& sb income pre filled was showing less. I altered to correct figure as per AIS.
Then once again zerodha logon credentials for trading income. It extracted all data including last years c/f stcg loss. I added 150k 80c deduction , system auto filled 80ttb 50k.
I repeat quicko did not ask for dividend breakup.
I agreed with the total dividends pre filled. That’s all.
I was too eager to press file. But it did not allow unless i fill balance sheet.
Zerodha balance, combined all bank balance (this is new ), cash on hand etc. I gave actual figures as all banks accounts are in AIS.
After this i pressed file & got a acknowledge ment no. But but i tried to download ITR-V.
Quicko system said “they are working with income tax department”
But iam not interested in E VERIFY immediately. I took a screen shot with the other phone.
If Quicko reminds me or i log in to quicko by July 30 & tried to download itr-v or electronic everify after some time using acknowledge no.
I have half doubt that "filing by quicko "is valid as it did not allow to download itr-v. I could log in to income tax web site & try to download itr-v possibly before July 30 th to check whether " This quicko filing/ Acknowledge no is legit​:relieved::smile::laughing:

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That’s not Aadhaar OTP. That’s OTP from IT department. Instead of sending OTP Quicko asked you to directly login on IT website using your Password.

Next year I’ll also try Quicko for a change provided they allow to file for Free. :grinning:

Login to Income Tax website and confirm it.

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Yes. I plan to log in to it web site after a week & check with acknowledge no to download ITR-V. If filing is missing, i will re file in income tax web site.
Yes quicko asked my it log in pword & used it to extract pre filled data, modifying etc.i have used quicko software to file using my it log in.

What i like about quicko

  1. No breakup of dividends. Just a promise on your aunts grave that prefilled data is True. :innocent:
  2. Zerodha tax p&l intraday & stcg calculation in few minutes. :relieved:

I did claimed internet expense, home office rent, electric bill for running computers etc to run the business of intraday trading.
My " Narrative " May be questioned! :laughing:
I forgot. Filing was FREE OF COURSE :blush::kissing::laughing::relieved:

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It won’t be questioned. It’s allowed.