When do closed demat accounts get removed from eCAS?

I have recently closed a couple of demat accounts, but I am still seeing one of those accounts visible in my eCAS. The status of the account in question is marked as closed, but I’d like to know how long can it take for closed accounts to be removed?

When I closed my account with HDFC, it took one year.

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You should contract you dp via mailing that you want account close confirmation by your depositary, you will able to see mail from depositary if the account is not closed that it will like to be closed , closed status. Even after dp close account from exchange you will to see the accounr status if it is not closed on depositary side.

Hey @Tusly

Apologies for the delay in response.

The answer to you query would be :

Let’s say if a client had closed his Demat A/c in the month of July, in that case till July month CAS, that particular DPID will be shown in the report and stopped from Aug onwards.

Thank you for your answers everyone!