When do you fail + Tips to overcome it

I fail mostly when I found new holy grail and increase my position size , Below is my advice , please share your learnings advice too.

If you found something new and works regularly , you may feel that you got a holy grail…

1.Don’t increase your position size at once , increase slowly
2.Your method can fail any time , keep strict SL .
3. Don’t have too much conviction / over confidence , be humble for at least few months till you see all kind of market movement.(uc , lc , consolidation , iv spike , iv decay)
4.Always think about how much loss you will make if you fail instead how much profit you will make if you are right.
5.Cut loss quick (No over trading after Loss) , Run your profit ( play with small position size after you get good profit ) , because our psychology will be better.

P.s : there is no holy grail


I have a habit of tweaking adding variables to my strategy. I try to make it so perfect that after few months, the original theme of the strategy is diluted.

Yes there is no holy grail. What I learned is, I need to stop perfecting strategies. Winning is not the game. Minimise losses, build a positive expectancy system through series of painstakingly months, years of live trading.

Confidence comes through live trading and not through backtest.

And yes, you pointed it right, scaling it up too early, is painful.

Fail often, fail enough,but with a humble capital till trading comes naturally.

Saying so, still learning :v: