When does a super trend signal form?

Hi traders, can anyone explain when a super trend signal is formed?
for eg

in above chart which is a day chart, on 22nd a buy signal is generated, my question is wether this buy signal got generated at day opening or end of day or will it be generated any time of day based on how stock price moves.

Super Trend confirms the signal when candle close above supertrend line.

Until candle close signal is not confirmed.

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Bt it also gives buy or sell signal right at start of a candle (eg5 min candle), shld w nt consider that signal n always wait for the candle to close?
Kindly clarify…

Yes. We have to wait until candle complete.


It will form anytime of the day as per the price movement. So if price crosses the trailing SL level of STR it will show buy signal. But if after some time price goes down again, the signal vanishes. The signal gets permanent only at candle end