When i am going to receive sms from NSE/BSE?

when i am going to receive sms from NSE/BSE?

Ideally you should receive SMS/email from NSE/BSE the same day. Can you send an email to [email protected] and also login to Q.zerodha.com and check in profile if your mobile and email is captured correctly.

can you elaborate the question please?

actually i bought shares from NSE on friday but still not got SMS from that exchange and when i registered with Zerodha i got first sms from NSE stating that NSE will send SMS when Trade happens in your account.
So that’s the reason i put this question. I didn’t Got sms from NSE till now.

My Mobile number is correctly captured and my email id also i am getting contract notes of my trade from Zerodha, please suggest some solutions regarding this. Thank you for your Response.