When is Trident dividend payout date?


i hold around 200 shares of trident limited, the ex dividend date and record date was 24th and 25th jan 2019 respectively,
i was having these shares since 15th jan 2019 and still holding them,
when will i get the dividend payout and why i didnt receive any info regarding the dividend to my email.
thank u…


Even if you sold the same on 24 January the ex date you shall get dividend within 30 days from record date . very much possible that you get much early .


will i get any email regarding dividend from nse or zerodha about it.



I used to get letters to my home from TCS(2004), about dividends, now how is it done ?


You will get dividend directly in your bank account if it is linked to demat account or else physical instrument .


i didnt get any email or letters from trident limited regarding dividend payout.


will i get any emails or letters regarding dividend payout from trident ltd.


May not be but you will get sms from your bank on credit of dividend funds in your account.


k thanks for ur kind reply @sabkaview
this is my first time of holding a share which is giving dividend, so i didnt have any idea about it, so just raised the topic here.