When is Zerodha releasing its premium feature bundle?

Features like Level 3 market depth are currently only available to accounts that have generated at least 100Rs in brokerage for Zerodha. There are many investors like myself who currently only use Zerodha for equity delivery trades which will not generate any direct brokerage. This means I cannot be part of the current beta program for the same.

Is there a tentative date where these premium features will be available for users? More than happy to pay and subscribe.

Relevant Links: https://zerodha.com/z-connect/featured/introducing-20-depth-or-level-3-data-beta-on-kite

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For now brokerage of 100 is required, soon we should be allowing these on subscription.

Is there a way for me to be part of the beta test and pay Rs100 as beta subscription fee? Since I only trade in CNC orders, I will never meet the Rs 100 brokerage mark.

Buy and sell any otm option 5 times… You will be able to generate brokerage and will not suffrr any loss

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