When quicko will allow e-filing for ITR-3

I see message on e-filing tab of #quicko that “we will start soon” , waiting for schemas to be ready, but same page in announcements, it says schema available from IT dept. When you expecting it to start working?

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Right now almost we are at the end of the August and still not enable E filing on @Quicko .
Can I know the expected date?

Hi @ashishsingh,

@Quicko Are you guys give option of e filing before due date or We have manually file ITR on income tax website.

@Quicko Is this an issue for all tax filing services like cleartax, taxbuddy etc.?
How are they able to file ITRs?

Hey @ashishsingh and @alwaysshri, we just rolled out new features. As you know the new IT portal was launched recently and there are issues - the FM had summoned Infosys CEO recently to address these issues. The FM had set a deadline of 15th Sept. 2021 to resolve all the issues that the taxpayers are facing.

Also, there is a lot of chatter around the due date extension, know more about it here

I have purchased CA assisted filing (Multiple Demat plan - ITR-3). Is that also affected? @Quicko

Hey @Shashikant_Sharma, we understand you have already booked a meet with tax expert and your order is in progress.

Hi, as per ITD, everything is enabled from their end for tax filing but looks like your system is still not ready for filing.
We are in middle of Oct and still awaiting on your end.
I can see that the excel file option (to review the tax calculation) is also disabled on your side.
Is there any ETA from your end or shall we use another option in market ?

Hi @Manoj_Yadav,

We are as eager to go live as you are. However, all ERIs including Quicko are awaiting ITD to grant API access. In the meantime, we have started allowing users to file their ITR using ITD credentials. ITR 1 & 4 is live and we will be going live shortly with ITR 2 & 3. So stay tuned.


Very shameful that a big company like Infosys is doing such a bad job at the new website, why haven’t they been able to test all of the API and website and have it ready for release yet? I don’t know if even their website is ready for proper filing, and I am not willing to take the risk.

By the way @Quicko, are all of your filing options still paid? I am a ClearTax user and all individuals can self-file for free, they only provide a good interface to input all data.


You can use Quicko to DIY file all forms of ITR for free under the basic plan. However, if you want to use Pro features like multiple broker import, scripwise filing etc, you can subscribe for the same.

Hi Quicko,

Are the APIs ready and available for e filing of ITR, waiting from Septemner.

I recently filed my ITR-3 with @Quicko , it was very smooth, specially if your broker is integrated.

When will @Quicko let us file ITR 3 for AY 2022-23?

Last year i filed itr-3 via Quicko. Waiting eagerly.
Tax filer agents lobby is blocking your liecence?
If July end deadline sticks how come liecence not renewed for reputed company like Quicko?