When should one consider far OTM ratio spread?

Like the title says…what are the conditions in which one should consider far OTM ratio spread?
Please don’t tell me to read varsity…
I am specifically asking about nifty/bank nifty. @Sensibull @maddy_Des @ksksat @nithin @siva @Bhuvan

When there is ample time to expiry. AND
When you expect very big move

Ratio spreads are used like below
Tcs spot 2100

2:1 call ratio means sell call 1 lot of tcs at 2000 and buy 1 lot call at 2400 and another at 2600

Idea is to collect a hefty premium as u r bearish on tcs to close below 2000. But out of that fat premium collected u spend some amount to buy a insurance by buying far otms calls just in case there is voiolent move on other side ie here upside big move

Thanks …I meant to ask in what assumption/view/situation you should consider far OTM ratio spread ?

When you believe that the price will respect resistance, failing which there’s going to be a strong breakout, needless to say- unlimited loss

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